I have already expressed the idea that something went wrong with racing games. Eminent names remained forgotten, and the legendary franchise is no longer associated with quality. Realistic racing still somehow manage, but as for arcades, there are players waiting for more frustration than joy. However, from year to year the different developers try to please us with their bright creations, which take the place of Burnout or Need for Speed. Many who waited for The Crew 2 – the continuation of the first part, released in 2014, will amaze? Unlikely. Still, the game stood out – but not what we would like.

At the start

The Crew 2, you say? Already here, many are surprised to raise eyebrow and ask: “what was the first?” Yes – was. However, to gain the special love of the masses it did not happen, but that doesn’t change the fact that she definitely won enough fans of his unconventional idea. This title is the first for created in 2007 by French Studio Ivory Tower – lure players with the idea of a “real” holiday in the US in all their magnitude. Detroit and Chicago, new York and Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington, Seattle and many other cities were really pleased with their work. The feeling that really are traveling the country and discovering new sights and scenery. And let the hit game did not, but to stand out among competitors alike were able.

Night, morning and afternoon – the game looks great in motion. Important not to stare at the world around them.
The idea of The Crew were clear and understandable, and we had to wait for the sequel will be about the same, but it will fix a lot of bugs and adds weight. More cities, cars and the spirit of adventure – that’s all. But from the beginning of the French developers got off on the wrong foot. Deciding that the failure of the original is associated with the concept (which is false), they crossed out all those things that fans respected title, and started with a clean slate. There is a place – different city States. And, actually, cars.

What have we lost? The plot, as such, disappeared. It’s not always a bad thing when we’re talking about the genre – the pathetic attempts to imitate the campaign mode in Need for Speed: Payback has repeatedly led to disastrous consequences, and in the first of The Crew its a great call. But if you decide to get rid of attempts to associate the disparate test some drama, then find an adequate alternative. Sometimes you can do without it, as in the case of Gran Turismo, but then you must create an adequate system of progression that would reward players for every action. This formula was developed in the nineties: derivate players cars, game currency, tracks, or new challenges – anything. But The Crew 2 decided to go the other way, finding that sufficient motivation for the players will act… the number of followers in social networks. Is there a real motivator for young people? I can only judge by myself, and in my case the answer is a resounding “no.”

And most importantly – peace. Not the machine, and the diversity of the USA allocated the first part. Many dream to travel on the famous American highway, studying cities and interesting monuments. It was all in the first part, and all this not in The Crew 2. No, the US did not disappear, as a different city with their statues, bridges and skyscrapers. But the element of travel and exploration disappeared without a trace. Instead of handing us a map and compass, and send in the path, the Ivory Tower gave us a teleporter, allowing an instant to be anywhere. Yes, we know that some developers artificially delay the timing of their creations, forcing the players to ride there and back, but in the tradition of fast travel is always available in the places that we have tasted ourselves. The Crew 2 every city and every mission available from the start. One click and we’re there. One huge blunder may not negate all attempts to create an interesting world, but it certainly devalues it. Even if I know it will be more interesting to drive, I’m not going to do it, since there is a possibility to use a faster method.

What I have no complaints, this to the map. She’s in The Crew 2 fully three-dimensional, like Google Earth. You can see not only myself, but all the buildings around. Such attention to detail in this game.
Such negligence is quite remarkable, given that the game releases Ubisoft, which knows how to make fun and event the open world that is interesting to explore. But The Crew 2 it is not clear either the extent nor all the charm of American beauty – teleport instantly transports us to a place where there is race, and from the open world of The Crew is turning 2 in a large collection of tracks, tracks and obstacle courses. State lines, disappearing on the horizon, turned into a simple background that does not motivates the player something to explore.

In the first part, players were invited to explore every corner of the country, finding the sights and secrets, but The Crew 2 reasons just ride, virtually no. Well there is, but these reasons are weak. The first is a kind of letbox, reminiscent of the maps from NFS. They are scattered around the world, and are using “radar”. To find them curious, because it is only in such moments, there is a reason just to ride and explore, but a very interesting awards for the care they are called. The second is “fotosmoralo” when the game asks us to get virtual phone and capture something specific. Again, boring!

Thus we found out that The Crew lost 2 interesting world, and that singled out the first part against all others. But what else is new?

Well, where do without motocrossing? Wait, don’t answer.

To an outside observer, stumbled on a couple of the trailers or screenshots, will be remembered for two elements, and then pop up in different promotional materials. The first is the ability to control not only the cars but also various vehicles: motorcycles, boats, airplanes, monster trucks, and so on. The second is the ability to change vehicles at any time on the go. This is something that interested me, because I immediately realized how difficult (and great!) chaos Driver: San Francisco.

Cool innovations? But in reality it is not so great. A variety of vehicles give the game an important diversity and not allow it to wither, but they still seem mini-games, and no more. Most players buy a race in order to travel on the roads. There many fans of chase boats? I sure didn’t. For this reason, it may feature, but very minor.

Sometimes you want to turn into a plane and then a stone to throw into the abyss, turning in the air in a Porsche. It is possible – however, there is a risk to stumble on places with no texture.
As for switching cars on the go, then here I was a new disappointment. No, at the moment to turn from a Porsche to the plane is really cool, but exactly to the moment until you realize that all this is futile. With such interesting inventions and start great games, haunting memory, but in the case of The Crew of 2 mechanics was clearly an afterthought. It is almost not used during gameplay, and does not help in the race. Great potential ruined. The gimmick, which is play and forget.

But The Crew of 2 is not all bad. So, the key element is the management of the iron horse – better. The game processed, and to just ride on different machines much easier. With a range of brands and models there is no problem, and their number will only grow with free add-ons.

What would be a good machine that you use, have a rival, it will always be better.
Not hindered by the fact that The Crew itself 2 looks great, but her car pleasing to the eye. This aspect – graphics – for different reasons causes fierce debate. Someone thinks that the game not only more beautiful than the original, but even worse due to the bad draw distance and poor detail of the world. Someone, including me, work on cars look nice and all looks great. But Yes, I admit, not all so is smooth: the city is photorealistic not called and the view from height of bird’s flight even more frustrating. Sometimes The Crew 2 looks amazing, and sometimes unpleasant surprises. Sometimes a pleasant surprise instantly turns into a disgruntled “eh?” For example, when I first learned that at any moment the familiar trails may be snow-covered (a cool way to diversify the picture, especially if the track you have replay again and again), but after a couple of minutes found that the developers, for some reason (like from France, not from Los Angeles) don’t know how it looks and behaves in the snow. Look at the picture below: obviously the texture of the dirt then just painted in white.

Yes, it behaves the snow in France. Exactly the same as dirt.
Another problem, which is rather my personal is the lack of cars and other vehicles really damaged. The yard is 2018, and the cars are still indestructible tanks, unable to wrinkle or react to aggressive driving. Nearly the same complaint I expressed to the NFS last year. Yes, the drive is not affected, but it’s a shame that the developers completely stopped trying to impress. Remember when great Gran Turismo 5 just curse for the fact that the machines are not destroyed. And now, after almost ten years, this regression has become the norm.

I would also note that the gravity in The Crew 2 is also odd. Machine is very heavy, and are anchored to the ground after jumping. Very unusual.

Otherwise, in the graphics Department, I do not want to complain. It used to be that FPS a bit slack (crime racing title), but with the patch the situation is improving. As for the interface, it is… an Amateur. I like bright colors, and nice animation, but the menu system is confusing and too busy. From the title it is impossible to leave – the button “Exit” for some reason returns the player on the road. A trifle, but you never know I still have progress or not. A huge number of shortcuts to make mess. Not the worst interface, but it definitely needs work.

Like a mini-game in GTA, racing boats, there are just… to be. No they didn’t but 100% without fail. So that nothing remains.
The sound of The Crew 2 was better… and worse. Engines, and everything to do with cars, become more aggressive, louder and more authentic. Nice ride. But the voice actor… reminded me of the good old Just Cause 2 and anyone who played it will say that the comparison is extremely unflattering. We may recall the stunning script and performance from Need for Speed 2015. Yes, no story of betrayal in The Crew 2 no – just VoiceOver different faceless NPCs, dialogues which he wrote forty years the French, trying to imitate the manner of speech of the English young people. Nothing reminds? Generally, how little the actors tried to get used to the role, unpleasant. However, the latter problem is quite common and much better in the genre.

About the music especially do not say: she is average at best. There are some good things – like songs, The Black Keys, which recently one can often hear in video games.

And yet there is airplanes, because I don’t know.
And most importantly, I finally left. I’m a positive person, and can forgive the game a lot; as the great Satoru Iwata, I believe that the element of fun negates a lot of cons, and always is the main. And the curve of the graph, and the questionable sound can generally not exert any influence on this aspect. Unfortunately, 2 of The Crew managed to insult me with something far worse – the fact that, as I thought, forever in the past for such games. We are talking about the damn concept of “always online” when the game requires a constant connection to the network without any reason. With a sigh, I once again recall the Need for Speed 2015, on the lessons which no one has learned, well, a new Gran Turismo Sport.

Our garage is good that the car can be viewed from all sides. Pleasant trifle – the opportunity to enjoy the new livery in the virtual garage.
I have always said, and will say that always online is the easiest way to turn any game in the trash. When Battlefront or Call of Duty require a network connection so I can play with others – this is normal and logical. But when the thing get to 100% alone, requires a connection to the server just because it is the pinnacle of idiocy is unforgivable. And it’s not the lyrics of some: a huge number of players from Russia and Ukraine week could not even run a game because Ubisoft servers were having some kind of problem. While the lion’s share of players bought the “gold” edition of the three-day early access. A week not to play the thing, which spent big money fiasco of unprecedented proportions. Our foreign colleagues with this trouble is not encountered, so much fanfare, did not happen. But because of this error, which exists only because the game must be connected to the network, I post this review now and not a week earlier.

No Internet, no games. IP blocking by the authorities – no game. Prevention servers – no game.


It may seem that I took a ride in The Crew 2, sparing neither it, nor the creators, although in reality it is not so. Yes, this is incredibly problematic, the raw and lost the game, which does not know whom to please (or rather, she fondly hopes to please all), but it is not without its charms. What is really there, and the charms are much more than in last year’s creation Ghost Games. When we remove aside all nemalochislenny problems we are faced with a good arcade race. When I finally launched the title a week later, I discovered that play, in General, fun. Nice color interface, colorful world and nice cars – it’s an old formula that continues to work. Adrenaline racing, good management, a wide choice of machines for any type of racing (tracks, street racing, drift and so on) and wealth of tools for customization (best path) is really fun. To adjust the car for yourself easily – you can choose any color and any livery. There are even “professional” customization, although much still depends on the “luchboxes”, which fall out after a good race. His impressive garage, a decent nick Mason you can enjoy a virtual “home” where our avatar finally gets out of the cockpit and flexing feet.

Something, however, it deserves reproach, the so – called rubberbanding, or adjust the level of complexity the success of the player. Because of this unloved by many features to go far from his pursuers under AI control is impossible – no matter how good you drove, you still have someone to hang on the tail. You can even ride Koenigsegg Agera RS, it still does not interfere with the competitor on the “Lada” breathing down your neck. Someone will say that this is done in order to drive not bored, but many, like me, agree that at least some semblance of realism should remain in even the most arcade the arcades.

Everything is fine, except netrenderer domes in the front, reminiscent of the adventures of a young Star Fox.
Another annoying little thing is how all linearly during the race. If you don’t count off-road rally, where the player chooses an optimal route, The Crew 2 all the way of races – even a street – predefined. It deprives us of the opportunity of creative srepok. What’s worse, to figure out where to go, almost never: every check in is on items, and need to constantly look at the mini-map, so as not to miss an unexpected turn. Fans of car chases from the police, too, will be disappointed – they are here in the afternoon with fire not find.

In General, I sincerely got pleasure from a variety of races. Beautiful car, nice controls, creative tracks – it’s all there, as expected. At such moments, “CRU”, I want to praise. But such moments are too few, and too often we are forced to be distracted by self-indulgence with airplanes and boats.

Compared to cars, many other ways to earn money and followers seem rudimentary. The chase boats are very straightforward, and the planes here are mostly for tricks. Instead as well to work on the cars, the developers somehow decided to add to the game all in a row. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but this kind of thinking is more suited to the game with this open world like Just Cause or GTA.

Lately our creative essence boggles the developers of racing – and that’s fine. However, The Crew 2 requires to pay for each painting, which is not so good.


Bad game the Crew 2? No. But it’s not ready to play, as is often the case. I respect Ubisoft for a lot of great things in recent years, but the fact that the company again and again produces raw titles, which later brings to mind the countless patches and updates, is undeniable. So it was with The original Crew, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor. Sometimes it works, but to support the idea of “games as a service” I refuse. And in the case of The Crew 2 it may not be a ride – now it seems that players not very much.

From The Crew 2 has a good Foundation. Here is the content. But the feeling that the developers did not understand what – and who – I wanted to do very much. Like the feeling that this is still a continuation of the beta test. She can forgive many things, but the fact that the game and requires a network connection – these unstable time – completely negates a lot of advantages. Ivory Tower a lot of work on the bugs – despite the fact that The Crew is 2, and so was to be thereof in relation to the original! Alas, it all starts again. Maybe in a year or two the title will be transformed, overcome puberty, and grow. And maybe it will sink into oblivion. It remains to wait. And yet, alas, fail.