That rocked E3, the Studio showed their best projects. Someone has managed to surprise, someone demonstrated in detail the games we have been waiting for months. One of the most anticipated and hyped projects was, suddenly, Star Wars: Battlefront II. “Suddenly,” because in the eyes of many, this project is doomed because of the terrible press of the first part, released in 2015. However, the audience left happy, and the game made an impression. Is the brand power of Star Wars is so strong? This can be in the sequel to the game that got very average grades? And most importantly, does it make sense to buy now, when, in November we are waiting for the sequel?

Success or failure?

Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most controversial games of recent years. Scandal level Watch Dogs or No Man’s Sky was not, but gamers still remained, for the most part, disappointed. Journalists put the game average scores. It was a vivid example of how barehipani project (the beta was the largest in the history of DICE) collapsed due to bad management. Something like the recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda from the same EA.

The main issue then was a terrible lack of content. Sold for $ 60 the game was ridiculously empty, especially compared to Battlefront II, released in 2005, where it was not only more eras, but the story campaign, and the possibility of space battles. However, even the lack of modes (the number of which promised to increase) and the single-player campaign was not the main problem. The most criticized for the presence of an expensive season pass that increase the cost of the game twice. We were promised four DLC packs with new maps and characters. It embodied all those things that we don’t like EA.

But did the game fail? Hardly. Final sales on all platforms exceeded 14 million, largely helped by the hype around the film “the Force awakens” (which in the game, by the way, is not represented), and a nostalgia for the series. I’m sure it sold a lot of DLC. From a financial point of view, the project was successful, but from the point of view of gamers and fans star Saga, it was not so.

From the start, the game slowly shuffling from one Supplement to another. Each new addition was isolated from the rest of the game, therefore the release of the last of the pack to mark the release of the film in December 2016, the player base was divided into four parts. Every month the number of players fell, and only the occasional burst of activity at certain points brightened quite inactive for online shooter existence.

Worst of all had version for PC – there game base almost immediately resolved. This version has been the most inactive players – the day the game includes about 4.5 thousand players, much less version of the Xbox One (!), where 24 hour plays about 17 thousand people. Ahead of the PlayStation 4, which is somewhere in the 22 thousand people a day. For comparison: the number of players there is not much more than Battlefield 4.

Despite good sales, the game failed to keep the player base, and what is worse – to form positive public opinion. About the game to talk badly, many even made it to the lists of the worst games of 2015. It may seem that the grunts of the players will affect the profitability of the EA and the success of this brand, but it’s not: remember only what made the failure of Watch Dogs with the sequel, which, despite praise from critics (and our website) sold terribly. Burned once, gamers do not want to take risks and spend money. We are very vindictive people, especially when we are talking about the old “enemies” the EA that destroyed, according to popular opinion, not one franchise. However, let’s be honest: it as EA fault that planted such a harmful model “season pass” and “Disney”, which insisted on the release ahead of “the Force awakens”. Because of this the game was so empty.

It is not surprising that just half a year after the game’s release we began to see large discounts on it. And when I say “large” I mean large, 50% or more. In my memory faster that discount received is that Mass Effect: Andromeda, but about the crash we have already spoken. Every time EA make allowances, Battlefront was here. It was, of course, an attempt to raise the number of players who would later buy the DLC. Often conducted and “free weekends” that allowed you to either play for free or try any supplements.

I think I am writing only the negatives. It’s not especially – in fact, I even like the game. I liked it, and many others – especially those who don’t play online shooters on a regular basis. First and foremost the graphics of the game, which was and still is one of the best in the current generation of games. The process has led to more questions – the gameplay seemed very simplistic compared to other similar shooters. I, however, neither complained. Like the original, this game is easy to understand and master, and the lack of classes has led to a relative equality between beginners and veterans.

So, Battlefront was a success or a failure? I’d say something in the middle. Actually, the answer to this question will be possible only after the release of the second part. If her sales are much below $ 14 million, then we can talk about the serious damage a series, always characterized by the highest sales among all of the games based on “Star wars.”

What it is and is it worth it to buy now?

This question I hear almost every time when the EA is satisfied with any action connected with the game – and it happens often. The game is very cheap, and discount you get even the full build and the season pass. What is really there, not so long ago PlayStation gave uncharacteristic for them to share – if you buy the subscription service PlayStation Plus for a year, then along with it you can get Ultimate Edition of the game. But is it worth it? Even such a seemingly lucrative offer caused people confusion. Whether or not this game money, even small?

Should start with the fact that the current Battlefront is very different from Vanilli – I know, I went all the way since the release. Two years out of four promised DLC packs, each with its own theme and unique features. What is characteristic of DICE, even for add-ons, the Swedes have managed to create such trailers that even skeptics and “burned” were pulled back. But the hype and then didn’t last long, and each new addition has become worse than the previous.

The first addition was the “Outer ring”, released March 22, 2016. It gave us several maps on Tatooine (already present in vanilla version), and Sullust. Among the new characters – Nien NASB and Greedo. If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry – you are not alone. Both of these characters is not much remembered by those who watched the movie – Greedo died and did in the first few moments after its appearance on the screen. This, incidentally, is another popular criticism: deciding to completely ignore other eras, DICE was forced to release a very mediocre heroes that the General public does not know.

However, the cards themselves, like the characters, was interesting. No one can say that the locations in the game are not made at the highest level. The same applies to new cards – especially the Palace of Jabba the Hutt from “Return of the Jedi”. There are new regime.

The second addition is the “Bespin” – the name of the planet from the movie “the Empire strikes back”. Instead with the legendary Cloud city players got at least a legendary hero Lando Calrissian, and with it – a little-known bounty hunter Dengar. With this Supplement positive around DLC (among those who bothered to buy them) began to dissipate. Appeared the first problems, especially with balance: Lando turned out incredibly, as they say, “embowel” hero with absolutely cheat the shot that killed the heroes almost immediately. It wouldn’t be scary if the developers have not spent on repairs a few months. Anyway, from that moment it became clear that the DICE, in General, busy with other things. Significantly reduced the development team tried to conduct a dialogue with gamers, but the game still does not support patches.

The third addition, it became clear that any bug or serious problem with the game (certainly arises after each DLC-pack) will be corrected only after the next DLC, three to four months! Such a terrible support, and so games could not worsen the attitude of even the loyal fans, will certainly Express their anger (often in the form of memes) on the page in Reddit. Not helped by the fact that in addition to the bugs in the game there are new game elements, some of which are even more broken balance. The trolls were learning new ways of cheating by using innovations, and cheaters and all enjoyed life in the game on a PC from them though and was not at all protection.

Despite all this, the third addition has again attracted many back, and even those who previously essentially refused to buy any add-ons or the game. Why – of course, because the addition is called the “death Star”. In addition to the heroes, among which there were Chewbacca and Bossk, we were promised space battles and multi-stage mission. The main thing here was the mode that allows you to break into the “death Star”, steal the plans and then try to blow it up, fly in the famous trench from a New hope. Add to this all new weapon, taken from a popular old Jedi Knight series, and the result is a true sweetie.

The latest addition “Skarif” was dedicated to the movie “Outlaw-single”, which was released late last year. It was the weakest, largely due to horrible card on the same planet where the player didn’t seem to have walked a couple of steps without bumping into an invisible wall. The cards were very small, and content is the most lazy and meaningless pack. Among the heroes – gin of ERSO and Director Krenik from the movie.

Despite the fact that with all the additions the game has become much more fulfilling, it is also divided. For example, even season pass holders can not play all the extras at once as they are clearly divided. That is not work to put a mode and play it on all available planets – instead, you must first select one of the DLC packs, and there already to select mode. What’s worse, the modes I. Content has become more, but the game as it was, and remains damp for just such a lazy problem.

But we are trying to understand whether the game is worth buying now. And, in spite of everything, I would say that Yes, it is. For a reasonable price, of course – and with all the DLC.

Why? I heard a lot of negative reviews from those who bought the game on sale, but they all had one thing in common – false expectations. When people see the logo of DICE, they think of that before them, Star Wars: Battlefield, but it’s not. This game is very little like her. Not surprisingly, it is much less play on PC – in your soul it’s a console shooter, which was both the first part. It’s all very simplified, arcade – but never boring. However, so many need hardcore, we need classes. There is no such. But this does not mean that she has nothing to show.

The game itself is a work of art at least on the part of the level design and sound. Each card is a small masterpiece. Each weapon from the movie looks absolutely authentic, because the Studio went to the Lucasfilm archives and scanned each item separately. Detailing the characters and the world is amazing. This game showed the true power of the Frostbite engine. The sound in the game is great, especially if you play with good equipment and surround sound. Many of the effects taken from the movie, but many recorded specifically for the game and recorded! The same applies to music – a large part borrowed from the movies, but a lot of the songs were written specifically for the game. And they are written so skillfully that ignorant people do not distinguish them from the works of John Williams.

The game modes are not very different, but they rarely make bored. I especially love the “heroes”, where the game and did reject the claim on the genre of shooter and arcade turns into a slasher, where three (in addition “Outer ring” of four) “good” hero fighting with the three “bad”. Help them with ordinary soldiers. Each round a set of performers is changing. Such regimes are reminiscent of the classic chaos of the original games, and that Battlefront still should not be taken seriously. In the shower it’s a sandbox for all fans of movies.

Before you decide whether to buy the game, think again about the statistics that I cited above. A PC version may be the cheapest, but to play you have does not work due to the small player base. It is possible, of course, but a lot will depend on the time of day and your luck. Best PlayStation 4 players, where the game is still alive, and, importantly, no cheaters, who have flooded the servers of the PC version.

If you love Star wars and remember the warmth of the battles in the original games, Battlefront for you. Is a great, but straightforward shooter, from a technical point of view perfectly executed. The Frostbite engine is amazingly optimized, and works great on the machines. With all the DLC the game can captivate you until November, and there is already a new release. After that, however, the first part will not live long.

A worthy reboot?

Finally, let’s discuss the Battlefront is a worthy restarting the legendary series. “Star wars,” you know many successful games and franchises – remember only Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, Force Unleashed, but the success with this beats one. The aim of the series is to dip the players in fantastic battles and show the world of “Star wars” from a new angle and new faces. Become a regular soldier and take part in large scale battles. This description was relevant then and still relevant now, when the graphics nearing photo-realistic. Almost every new player talks about how he was killed after he stopped to enjoy the beauty of the cards.

In this sense, the game failed. We were shown different planets and places and allowed to participate in religious battles. As before, it is a sandbox. On the other hand, the sandbox is very small in size. The Saga of “cut” in half, completely throwing good trilogy (first three episodes), but there was a “real” war with large armies. This greatly affected the game. We waited ten years, and got something very small in comparison with the original.

Space battles second part here too. Despite the fact that supplements are allowed to fly in space, this regime is no different from what was already in the game from the very beginning we were allowed to arrange dogfights in the atmosphere. However, the management of ships made a very limited, and play personally I wasn’t interested. As for space, the “space” battles mean not a place of action and the type of gameplay we want to take the ships to Board and blow up the “Star destroyers” from the inside. This is not here.

I dedicated this game for hundreds of hours, but to call it a successful reboot still can’t. Hype rarely leads to something good, but Battlefront was so poor in content that downright broke the enthusiasm of many. Not necessary to go with a new license, beloved by millions. The game being finished for a year, and for the repairs demanded another $ 50. EA clearly didn’t care about public opinion, and it’s nice to see that they changed their position – in the sequel, all additions will be free.

The past decade has been tough for fans of games Star wars. After the release of the Force Unleashed and its sequel for a long time nothing happened, aside from the occasional Lego and craft like Star Wars Kinect, which should be forgotten as a nightmare. Still painful to realize how many interesting projects were cancelled. Battlefront 3 was nearly finished, and promised a unique system of seamless space and planetary battles, when you could sit in the ship on the planet to fly and fight in space. So an ambitious idea that even now, DICE doesn’t risk for her to take. Also prepared a game about Darth Maul, and, of course, Star Wars 1313.

Battlefront was to become the first full game in the franchise for a long time, and the first game on motives of the Saga, released EA. Alas, the first pancake turned out lumpy. Tasty, but very small. Fortunately, almost all of our complaints were heard, and the second part promises to be better on all counts. And yet do not sin, and try the original.