Paid add-ons (or DLC) has always enjoyed among gamers a bad reputation. It’s not even in the DLC, and unscrupulous companies, pre-cutting the game in pieces and resell them for several times. But not all Supplement is a priori bad. If the game is released fully, then there is nothing wrong in its expansion. The Far Cry series is also famous for the excellent additions – the same Blood Dragon to the third part, many still remember with affection. So when we were told about the ambitious plans to produce as many as three separate add-ons to Far Cry 5 anybody especially was not upset. Today we look at the first part of the trilogy.

Actually, I’m not a fan of the practice Season Pass, which are almost never bought, but in the case of Far Cry 5, the temptation was great. We offer not only a wide choice of the different scenarios (realism of the Vietnam war and the absurd fiction of zombies and aliens from Mars), but it is completely free, updated version of the cult of Far Cry 3. Fans with special interest looking at the Martian Supplement, which is very similar to the above-mentioned Blood Dragon, in his time won the title of best DLC of the year.

It is obvious that the main game wasn’t anything cut. DLC was engaged by another Studio, and it’s very different in mood and gameplay. What exactly is a “Dark time”?

In fact, everything is exactly as you can imagine by reading the description. We leave Montana, who has studied far and wide, and travel back in time to the jungles of Vietnam. Is the same war, and the brave warriors from the U.S. army to fend off the local men. In the tradition of the series, all the sentimentality and political implications went to the dump – is a Far Cry, and it is time to turn off the brain and arm.

In the first hours of the game has made a mixed impression. At first, I was pleasantly surprised to find that we were moved to a brand new map. It’s not Montana, but a different world. The feeling of something really new and enhances the other colors (bright blue and yellow replaced by darker green and red).

Unfortunately (and for someone – to joy), Far Cry 5: the Dark offers no history. In the beginning, we show the lazy slide-show that precedes the action, then the story is not driven by anything. We were given a goal, a few extra missions and all. Because of this, Far Cry 5: the Dark is the brainchild of the Studio Ubisoft Shanghai seems very sterile. Sometimes really think that narrative and everything else is just can’t concentrate on the gameplay, but in this case, the void turns out too obvious. In fact, there’s nothing that motivates the passage, except, perhaps, for our tireless thirst for blood.

Crashing into the jungles of Vietnam, we have the task to save his comrades and get out alive. Unlike the main game, Far Cry 5: the Dark time seems not very lively – with us nobody talks, nobody gives us jobs. Many times I did not know what to do: world map opens very slowly, and even when I stumbled on the settlement of the local, I didn’t understand what to do with it. For the extermination of all the Vietnamese I wasn’t given, so why bother at all? Only there are not many bases, the purification of which is somehow marked.

Far Cry 5: the Dark a little, but different in terms of gameplay. If the game is a crazy sandbox where any method is good, in Vietnam we have been focused on stealth. I was glad of this change because of the stealth in Far Cry 5 really poor: if in the previous parts it was a great way to clean up the base, now to capture the camp unnoticed was almost impossible because the opponent raises the alarm because of every sneeze.

But not in a “Dark time.” Here stealth is not only preferable – it is the basis of the new concept. Quietly for each enemy killed, plus we get our status. Several of these perks allow you to increase the speed of our avatar, his field of vision and strength. The last level gives you the ability to automatically tag enemies and see through walls. But if someone notices, then all perks disappear, and have to earn them first. The simple but good idea which helps to modify the usual bustling style of play. As a lover of quiet games and archery, I was glad of this change.

Don’t worry if you’re not a big fan of stealth – “the Dark” allows you to play more traditionally. Lovers of explosions will be pleased with new opportunities to organize the bombing of the enemy’s base, marking the desired location through the binoculars. Arrange the fire on unsuspecting enemies openly fun and never boring. In order that the player abused this opportunity, the number of rounds is decided to limit to five. If the bombers no longer fly, so it is time to perform additional tasks and earn new. Or perhaps somewhere anti-aircraft gun of the opponent, which need to be addressed.

Far Cry 5: a Dark time – a nice addition, but not very ambitious. At times it seemed nothing more than a reskin of the base game – scale map created using built-in level editor. However, from time to time we are reminded that we really are in Vietnam – from the speakers, there were calls to surrender and leave the country, and around and then breaks out the Napalm and hear the deafening blasts. The world is stopped in the middle of perpetual twilight and chaos. Enemies appear out of nowhere, and we constantly expect an ambush. You have to move, usually, on foot – there are very few cars.

In the “Dark time” we free friends who can help in the battle, but if someone will kill, they will not return. A curious feature, which spoils the traditional havoc physics engine: once, freeing the enemy base, I saw the message that my friend died. I have no idea where he was – it seems hundreds of miles away from me. I had no chance to save him – I didn’t even know he was in danger. But now I have one friendless. Such are the tragic consequences of glitches in Far Cry, on which we used to laugh.

To summarize, we can say that Far Cry 5: the Dark time is not a disappointment, but not something outstanding. It is a strong Supplement for those who do not have enough of, and looking for a reason to come back. All the strengths of Far Cry 5 – excellent, on all counts, it was right there, but something even better. New weapons, new game style and the unique atmosphere of the “Dark time” can please. But it could be much better. I would like more soul, more innovation and, most importantly, motivation to do something.